What Is The Cost for Self Pay

At OPA Behavioral Health, we provide exclusive pricing options for self-pay clients, ensuring accessible and affordable mental health support tailored to your individual needs.

  • New patient evaluation: $375
  • Follow-up med management (less than 6 months): $175  
  • Returning Patient Reevaluation (over 6 months, but less than 1 year): $250
  • Returning New Patient Evaluation (over 1 year): $375
  • New Therapy Evaluation: $150
  • Follow-up Therapy: $100
  • Psychological Testing: $1,500
  • Psychiatric clearance for any surgery or for jobs without any psychiatric symptoms or diagnosis: $600
  • No Show Fee: $40
  • Urine Drug test: $25 (this applies to all new patients and all follow-ups)

The doctors and clinicians at OPA Behavioral Health see patients from age 3 years and up.

The friendly staff and providers at each location offer a caring, individualized approach tailored to each patient to ensure that every person receives the full support they need.

To learn how you can get the mental health care that you deserve, call the closest office today or use the online booking feature to schedule your first appointment with the team at OPA Behavioral Health.