With our passion for patient wellness and vast experience in TMS, OPA is a Leading Center of Excellence in the treatment of major depression utilizing this revolutionary new technology.

WE Can Help Reduce or Eliminate your depression

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)?
TMS is a noninvasive procedure the team uses to treat higher levels of depression, usually in adults over the age of 21. During treatment, your provider places a magnetic coil on your head and delivers magnetic pulses to specific areas of your brain. The magnetic pulses stimulate the nerve cells responsible for your mood to increase nerve activity and improve your depression symptoms.

OPA Behavioral Health uses the FDA-cleared NeuroStar® device for TMS therapy. The treatment is insurance-based.
Am I a good candidate for TMS?
The team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of depression and also offers a medication management program. Depending on your treatment history, the team may first recommend therapy and medication for your depression before offering TMS therapy. During a thorough consultation, your psychiatrist at Orlando Psychiatric Associates determines if you’re a good candidate for TMS therapy. The team only recommends the noninvasive treatment for patients with higher levels of depression who are unresponsive or unable to get results from medication.
What can I expect during TMS treatment?
Your TMS treatment is a painless in-office procedure. Your first treatment session is usually the longest and may take about an hour. During your first visit, the team must determine the proper placement of the magnetic coil and your optimal treatment dose. Once you’re comfortably reclined in the TMS treatment chair, your provider places the magnetic coil on your head and delivers repetitive pulses of magnetic energy. You may feel and hear a tapping sensation during this process. To determine the best dose for your TMS treatment, your provider increases the magnetic energy delivered until it generates a twitching of your hand or fingers. After your initial TMS appointment, your provider has you return to the office for repeat sessions five days a week for 6-7 weeks. Placement of the magnetic coil and the dose of energy are adjusted based on your symptoms. In most cases, you should start to experience relief from your symptoms within a few weeks of starting treatment. Though results vary, TMS may significantly reduce your depression symptoms or relieve them altogether. To learn more about TMS and how it may help you get relief from your depression, call OPA Behavioral Health or book your appointment online today.

Laura Olson, Neurostar TMS Specialist

Laura Olson TMS SpecialistLaura is our clinically certified Neurostar TMS Specialist with an extensive TMS treatment experience. She is dedicated to help patients suffering from severe depression, not only from the professional/technical point of view, but also from a personal and compassionate perspective offering insightful support to our patients during the time of treatment. Laura offers a flexible personalized scheduling, top notch customer service skills with a high satisfaction rate from our clients, making OPA Behavioral Health the number one choice for TMS treatment in Central Florida.

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