An internship is a college student’s stepping stone into the field of work they are pursuing.

The right internship will provide an individual with the experience they will need to succeed after graduation. However, it is not only an opportunity to apply everything you have learned in the classroom to real world scenarios, internships also serve as networking opportunities. It is a chance to make connections with the professionals and agencies in the community and learn from those who have been working and succeeding in their respective fields. OPA has been in operation since 2005 and is growing more every year. Our team of doctors, nurses, and administration have excelled in their fields for 20 to 30 years. While we want to be able to share our experience with you, we also want learn from you! At OPA Behavioral Health, we have internship opportunities in the following fields throughout the year.

We are currently expanding our roster of educational partners. If our office is not currently approved as a field work provider with your college or university, contact our office at (407) 851-5121 or send an email to letting us know you are interested.