Psychology Students (PhD)


Psychology Internship or Practicum

What Will I Do for My Psychology Internship or Practicum?

Practicums and internships for psychology majors may vary. The students initially observe a Licensed Clinical Psychologist interacting with patients. Over the length of the practicum, the supervisor may give the learner some tasks to complete as per the need of the agency. They may also discuss why the Psychologist did or said certain things and go over any questions the student has.

Interns work with patients under the supervision of the Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Throughout the day, the intern may check in with the supervisor to get feedback, ask questions, and go over the intern’s recommendations for each patient.

How Long Will My Internship or Practicum Last?

The length of a student’s pre-professional experience program varies depending on the school’s requirements, the employer’s needs, and the degree level. Depending on the specific area of psychology, an internship can last between six months and two years. It also depends on the requirements of student’s school to earn internship credit.

Will I Get Paid for My Psychology Internship or Practicum?

Typically, practicums do not pay students because the learner is observing more than working. However, students may be able to use financial aid while enrolled in a practicum. This is something the student will need to find out on their own.

Will I Get Academic Credit for My Internship or Practicum?

Schools that require students to complete a practicum or internship usually give college credit for the experience. Often, students must turn in regular assignments to a supervising professor to get the college credit they need. Other times, the learner only has to show proof of attendance. Internships often work in much the same way. However, sometimes the licensure candidate completes an internship after earning a doctorate. In this case, the learner does not receive college credit and instead completes requirements that the state issues for licensure.

How Will My Psychology Internship or Practicum Help Me?

Not only do psychologists need to understand theory, diagnosis criteria, and treatment options, but they must also know how to build trusting relationships with each patient. Because professional interpersonal skills are difficult to teach in a classroom setting, students are given the opportunity to hone them in internships and practicums. Furthermore, these experiences allow learners to see what happens behind the scenes, which helps to smooth the transition from school work to a professional role. Internships also help students gain professional contacts in addition to offering clarification regarding which area of psychology students want to spend their careers in. 

How do I submit an application to the Internship/Practicum with Orlando Psychiatric  Associates?

Please email student’s Resume and request to: info@orlandopa.com. Pls include name of student, name of the school, the amount of hours needed, indication if the school has Affiliation Agreement with OPA, and start/end date of internship/practicum. Pls call Silvana at 407-851-5121 ext. 714 for any inquiries.

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