Veona Sinanon, PMHNP-BC


Veona is a Psychiatric Board-certified Mental Health Nurse Practitioner licensed in Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Capella University and has dedicated years to refining her expertise in intensive cardiac care, perioperative care, and even ventured into travel nursing during the pandemic.

Her psychiatric mental health clinical training encompasses acute care psychiatry, serving child, adolescent, and young adult patient populations.

Veona boasts over 13 years of clinical experience, with a significant portion of her career spanning 9 years at Orlando Health, where she provided care to patients dealing with various comorbidities.

With a strong commitment to combating the stigma surrounding mental illness, Veona’s mission is to offer empathy, drive change, and ultimately achieve optimal outcomes within the field of psychiatric mental health.In 2022, she successfully completed her Master of Science in Nursing at Walden University.

Veona firmly believes in adopting a holistic approach to healthcare, striving to address all facets of her patients’ lives that could potentially impact their health and well-being negatively. Her overarching objective is to deliver outstanding mental health care to her patients and their loved ones, ensuring they receive the highest quality of care possible.

Outside of her professional life, Veona finds enjoyment in activities such as crossfit, traveling, and spending precious moments with her family.

Veona Sinanon